Summer Hair Care Favourites

Summer is 100% my favourite season! I love shorts weather, the bathing suits & boating, the hot hot sun, days at the lake and the beautiful tan that I get. The one thing I don’t love about summer is the toll the elements take on my hair. The sun, along with the lake water, can be very drying especially with my hair being as blonde as it is. I have linked some of my favourite products to keep my hair super hydrated and bright throughout the summer!

Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection

It is so important to protect your hair from the heat of the flat irons and curling irons you are using! The purpose of a heat protectant is so that your irons will burn off the product and not burn your hair. If you use any type of heat on your hair when styling then this is a MUST. This product is amazing; it leaves your hair super silky and without any kind of tacky feeling like some heat sprays do.

Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner

This is my dirty little secret to keeping my blonde hair nice and bright throughout the summer months. Blonde hair can become incredibly brassy looking over time but you can prevent that with this amazing purple conditioner! It helps get rid of unwanted yellow tones while smoothing out the hair shaft and detangling without weighing the hair down.

Evo The Therapist Calming Shampoo & Conditioner

I have only used this shampoo & conditioner a few times but I already like what I see! After I use it, my natural curl is so moisturized and so bouncy! I have become obsessed with the entire Evo line. Their packaging is so cute and they all have some type of witty saying on them which always make me giggle. This shampoo cleanses gently while repairing and hydrating the hair. The conditioner helps protect against sun damage while also strengthening the hair. I would definitely re-purchase this when my bottles are empty!

Evo Haze

I have been doing SO many weddings this summer! It’s actually so insane. With doing hair for weddings comes all the updos and boho braids that the brides and bridesmaids are wanting. This product is an amazing tool to have in your bag when doing any type of styling for special events. It adds the perfect amount of grit to the hair while maintaining a lightweight feeling. It also allow you to pull your braids and updos apart, creating a more textured and tousled look.

Olaplaex No. 3

Olaplex is a bond rebuilder that will link the broken disulphide bonds in the hair back together, creating a healthier and stronger hair shaft. This product is my ride or die. If you use heat on your hair, have chemically treated hair, have damaged or compromised hair, BUY THIS. It has seriously saved my hair’s little life! I like to put it in my damp hair a couple of hours before I go to bed and sleep with it in. When I get up in the morning I shampoo and condition it out and style as normal.

Powder Dry Me Blow-dry Spray

This stuff you guys – seriously AMAZING. Talk about quick blow-dry time and a smooth finish! I spray this product in the hair and comb through right before blow drying. The technology in it allows excess water to “bead” out instead of soaking into the hair, creating a faster and easier blow dry!

Moroccanoil Treatment

I have been using this product for a number of years. I find it helps keep down the frizz when blowdrying and it also gives my natural curls an amazing finish when i scrunch it in! All you need is 1 pump for your full head, and run it through with your fingers from mid-shaft to ends.

Hope everyone is taking care of their hair while enjoying the warm weather! If you are looking to shop local, all Moroccanoil, Olaplaex, and Fabuloso products can be found at Alieshia’s Salon & Spa in Brandon, MB!

Thanks for reading!



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