Welcome to Australia – Gold Coast & Sydney

Hey everyone and welcome back! It’s hard to believe our Australian trip is coming to a close. We had an amazing time in both Surfer’s Paradise and Sydney!

After snorkelling the reef and checking out the Cairns Esplanade, we jetted off to Brisbane to make the trek down to Gold Coast. It was roughly an hour and a half from Brisbane to Gold Coast whether you took the air train half way then caught a cab or just took an Uber straight through. I think Gold Coast was my favourite place. We stayed in a high-rise condo right in Surfer’s Paradise with the most amazing views!

View from our condo in Surfer’s Paradise

We wandered around a lot much like we did up north, having coffee and eating at little cafes and restaurants along the way. We checked out live music at The Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed many G&T’s! Our second full day in Gold Coast we took the tram down to The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We got to see all kinds of animals like dingoes, kangaroos, crocodiles, tasnmanian devils, and koalas! My favourite part was holding the sweet little koala named Ginger. She was so calm and cute! I really wanted to do this when we were in the states of Queensland because in New South Whales they don’t let you hold the animals, they only let you “encounter” them. This was by far the coolest experience on our trip!

Ginger the koala at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Baby Joey at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
We ended our time in Currumbin with a drink right along the water at a local Surf Life Saving Club which is basically like a legion back home. We had to sign up for a temporary membership and sign in to the book.

View from the Surfer’s Life Saving Club
After holding the koalas and wandering around the beach, it was time for us to head to Sydney for the Investors Group conference. We arrived in Sydney in the afternoon of Saturday June 3rd and had a few hours before we needed to be anywhere. IG booked everyone into the Four Seasons Sydney which is unlike any hotel I’ve stayed at before! The view was amazing and the service was second to none. Our room was cleaned twice a day – once in the morning when we were at breakfast and once in the evening when we were out gallavanting!

View from the Four Seasons Sydney
The conference consisted of two days of business sessions at the very beginning of our stay. It was nice to get them out of the way early on! We also had a welcome reception at The Rocks in the Sydney Harbour, a gala event at the amazing Sydney Town Hall, an indulgence day where we could pick one of three activities to do, and a farewell evening at The Argyle. Marty and I chose to do the walking tour through The Rocks and the Sydney Opera House for our indulgence day. We learnt a lot about the history of Australia and how people settled in Sydney. We then got to go inside the Opera House and check things out in there. This place is so cool! The structure outside is completely different from inside and there is a total of seven performance centres inside.

Marty and I in front of Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House
The conference ended yesterday (Thursday) and we made our way across the city to test another condo rented off airbnb. We spent the afternoon down at Bondi beach, wandering around the shops and eating more great food. We found out that there was an AFL game on and that the local Sydney Swans were playing against one of their big rivals. We decided to check out the game and while we were waiting in line for tickets a season ticket holder approached us and gave us our tickets for free! This was great because we ended up sitting with some long time season ticket holders and they were able to explain the very confusing game to us. It’s called “footy” and it is basically a mix between rugby, soccer, football and wrestling. It’s pretty crazy!
As our last full day in Sydney happened to be Marty’s birthday, we celebrated by wandering around the harbours and checking out Mr. Wong for lunch. The evening consisted of a few bevies, a couple of pizzas and some live music. We stayed up as late as we could last night in hopes that we will be able to sleep on the flight and get back into our normal routine without problems.

This trip has been so amazing! It’s still hard to believe that we travelled all this way and that our two weeks are over. I am so looking forward to getting back to the salon and back to our dog, Hud, who I’m sure misses us very much! I am also incredibly excited to get back to some warmer weather, it has been so cold and rainy here🙈

Next stop, the 204!

Thanks for reading


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