Australia – What’s In My Carry-On?

Marty and I are currently waiting in the Winnipeg airport to catch our flight to Australia! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค— This flight is a marathon, people. It is 15+ hours from Vancouver to Sydney. How is one supposed to stay entertained while stuck 30,000 feet in the air for 15 hours?! We have taken a lot of flights in the past, but never one of this length! Keep reading for a look into what I’ve packed in my carry-on and personal item to keep me busy.

1. Shoes, Shirts, & Shorts

This point is more of a space saving tip than anything. I decided to pack as many shoes and as much clothing in my carry-on as I possibly could to save room in my checked baggage. I filled in the gaps with the essentials – bathing suits & snacks.

2. Books

I always take physical books with me when I’m flying. Do I ever crack them open? Almost never. I’m turning over a new leaf starting now! For this trip, I have decided to download books onto my iPad to save some space in my carry-on. I downloaded How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie in an attempt to finish it. Even though this book has taught me some very valuable life lessons, it’s been on my “to-read” list for about two years now. I am hoping to get this book started (for the third time) on one of our flights! I also have downloaded Me Before You and The Fault In Our Stars to really get the waterworks going. 

3. Electronics

I have loaded my iPad up with all kinds of movies including Footloose, Moonlight, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bridesmaids, and Titanic. I know there will be in-flight entertainment but I wanted to make sure I had some of my favourites (Titanic & Riverdale) loaded up!

4. Snacks

I stocked up on snacks because I have no idea what the food situation will be like on the plane. I picked up a box of Nature Valley Bars, corn nuts, beef jerky for Marty, chocolate covered almonds, and some different trail mixes.

5. Moisturizer & Water

Flying can be incredibly dehydrating! I packed an airline approved size lotion and I’ll grab a bottle of water once we are through security to keep me nice and hydrated. I have recently taken over ownership of a hair & nail salon that carries the Aveda product line. The Hand Relief is one of the most amazing hand lotions I have ever used! This is sure to keep my skin smooth and fresh through the flight. You can purchase the full Aveda skin care line here.

6. Medication & Personal Grooming Items

  • Gravol to help me sleep
  • Advil Cold & Sinus, inhalers, and nasal spray for my pesky sinuses
  • Kleenex
  • Face Wipes to freshen up
  • Eye mask that looks like a mini bra ๐Ÿ˜‚ picked this one up at my local Bentley
  •  Invisibobbles – the BEST hair ties of all time
  • Bobby pins for those stubborn hairs
  • Gum
  • Travel pillow

For my personal item, I am using my small Mumbai backpack from Matt & Nat that I just received on Wednesday! (Pictured below) It is the perfect size for all of the things I may need to grab while flying and it will be comfortable to carry around the airport on my back. I like to keep the most important things (iPad, iPhone, Carmex, headphones) the closest to me when flying. I also just got a wallet from Matt & Nat in the style Trip that is pictured below. It is great because it has a compartment for my passport!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and picked up some tips for your future travels! Please feel free to leave your feedback below. For the next two weeks, most of my posts will be all about travel as Marty and I will be in Australia until June 10th. Next time you hear from me I will be down unda and I can’t freaking wait!!!

Thanks for reading



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